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Archive / 2008 / #16

VTD delivers the 40th large-scale plant in the META 2052 series for coating car reflectors to HELLA KG Hueck & Co.

Our company has become the main supplier of these large-scale systems for HELLA KG in a historically short time. HELLA KG with its worldwide subsidiaries is one of the leading suppliers to the automotive industry among VTD's customers.

In 1994 HELLA KG Hueck & Co. from Lippstadt placed the first order with us to supply two large-scale plants with a chamber diameter of more than two metres for the vacuum metallisation of plastic headlight reflectors and rear lights made of plastics.

A new, more effective charging system was developed for this plant type in a record time in 2002. The first of these systems was delivered to the HELLA subsidiary in England.

There was a good cause for celebration at the end of 2002! Despite the fact that the entire production department including the nearly finished 26th META 2052 plant fell foul of the 'flood of the century', VTD was able to meet the deadline obligation towards our customer. In 2003 HELLA placed an order for another new development project. The company needed a short-cycle plant with a batch time of under four minutes. The 13th of these short-cycle plants named 'META ROT 500' is leaving our company still in 2008.

Another newly developed plant from VTD has been in successful operation at HELLA's main site since 2007. This is the large-scale 'META CIRCLE 850' system. It is integrated in an assembly line that produces a pallet of coated reflectors every 36 seconds.

VTD was very proud when the 40th plant in the META 2050 series was sent off on its journey to Australia.

At the end of 2008, a total of 67 metallisation plants 'Made in Saxony' are in service for HELLA in Germany and worldwide.

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