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Batch systems

The principle is based on a process that is performed in a vacuum chamber. All necessary technological steps are performed here, from evacuation of the recipient through to heating and coating the parts according to a precisely defined schedule.

VTD offers highly-specialised, compact and efficient one-chamber hard material coating systems for the wear protection of tools and machine components or decorative applications with its DREVA series.

The plants are of a modular design. This concept stands for a maximum technological flexibility. The modular design concept allows the plant to be technically equipped depending on the specific demands and jobs to be carried out.

Quality and efficiency are the benefits provided by DREVA
  • Heating up and ultra-fine cleaning of the tools and components as an integrated process through the use of a VTD patented hollow-cathode plasma source
  • Extremely short cycle times of the fully automated coating processes
  • Ready-to-use and reproducible programmes for various deposition processes in a deposition plant
  • Easy charging and maintenance thanks to the plants' good accessibility
Diamor® carbon coating: ultra-hard, amorphous, free from hydrogen (Diamor® is the Trade name of Fraunhofer)

The new laser-arc module - the DREVA 600-LAM's key technological component - enables this Diamor® coating free from hydrogen.
With its new plant, VTD GmbH from Dresden consistently carries on the modular design of the DREVA series which is based on technological flexibility.
Six docking stations from the DREVA 600's basic system enable short-term conversions to and from arc coating or sputtering processes and combinations thereof as well as the integration of the laser arc module. This provides flexibility for an ideal coating in each individual application.

Dreva 400

Dreva 400

Dreva 600

Dreva 600 Dreva 600 Installation

Dreva 600 LAM

Dreva 600 LAM