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High-vacuum angle valves

HV angle valves are preferably used as the main valve between the vacuum chamber and high-vacuum generator. Valves of the nominal sizes 320 and 400H are also used as a bypass valve in very large vacuum systems.

The following standard designs are available:
  • Painted housing made of either stainless steel or structural steel
  • Valve plate always made of stainless steel
  • Viton or NBR seals
  • Flanges for bypass lines and measuring devices
Special advantage of the structural shape with tilting:

The working cylinder which is attached to the chamfered valve box gives the valve an extremely compact outer shape. Compared to customary valve forms this allows:
  • Unhindered installation of a working platform above the valve
  • Minimum confined space in the event that the pump unit has to be enclosed.
Special design features are open to agreement:
  • Special flange connections
  • Dimensions and position of the flanges for bypass lines and measuring devices
  • Box-type valves for two parallel pumps on request

A pneumatic cylinder transfers a tilting motion to the valve plate via an elastomer-coated rotary motion feedthrough. A short parallel stroke precedes this tilting motion. The valve plate opening position ensures an optimum control value. This design is particularly suitable as a main valve.

Design types

Ventilteller öffnet mittels Kippbewegung:DN 400, DN 500, DN 630, DN 800, DN 1000
Ventilteller öffnet mittels Hubbewegung: DN 320, DN 400H

High-vacuum angle valves

High-vacuum angle valves High-vacuum angle valves 2