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Vertical systems

The vertical coating plant developed by VTD consists of two semi-chambers with a chamber diameter of approx. 1,200 mm and a useful length of approx. 1,700 mm and can be used for the metallisation of plastic, glass, ceramic and metal parts.

Al, Cu or CrNi can be used as the evaporation material. The parts are fitted to special object carriers in the open door of one chamber while a coating process runs simultaneously in the other one. This leads to a higher productivity.

The use of materials and media can be optimised for the respective coating task. The batch times are 10 to 40 minutes depending on the application.
Thanks to the vertical design, the metallisation system is very operator and maintenance-friendly.

A plasma polymerisation device for the deposition of transparent protective films is one of the system options.

META 1200 V

META 1200 META 1200 open