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Coating service / contract metallisation

Metals such as Al, Cu, Au, Ag, NiCr are evaporated in a vacuum. These are deposited on the pre-treated (possibly primed) components made of plastic or other materials as a thin or thick film (EMC).

The deposited film is protected through a coating lacquer or polymer (applied in a vacuum by plasma polymerisation).

The respective technology (thin film or thick film) is chosen depending on the application.

Substrate materialsPlastics (almost all conventionally used plastics), glass and ceramics, metals (possibly limited adhesion), textiles, natural rubber Wood and other high out-gassing materials are not suitable.
Substrate dimensions1,250 mm long, 320 mm/600 mm wide (sheets, plates, glass panes), 250 mm/200 mm deep (on both sides)
PrerequisitesClean substrate surface, i.e. free of contaminations (without oil, grease, dirt, finger prints and release agents); primer for surface smoothening or as a bonding surface
CoatingsAl, Cu, Au, Ag, Sn, SiO, MgF2, HMDS, Cr, stainless steel, NiCr (other coatings on request)

A selection of feasible coatings:

Aluminium coatingReflexionsgrad >Degree of reflexion >= 88 % at lambda = 550 mm
mostly good adhesion particularly on plastic materials
uniform film thickness distribution
film thickness up to 50 ... 300 nm*
Temperature load <= 60 °C
Aluminium coating + HMDS polymer coatingGood corrosion resistance of the Al coating,
slightly better protection against mechanical wear,
passes DIN 50017 and 50018 (damp heat atmosphere),
passes NaOH test
Decorative aluminium coatingThe coating comprises a primer, approx. 50 ... 100 nm aluminium and a top coat (lacquering impossible!)
Ni-Cr coatingCharcoal-grey coating,
film thickness of max. 300 nm
Electromagnetic shielding coating (EMC)Coating material: aluminium,
film thickness 2 ... 3 µm*,
film resistance 10 ... 50 mOhm,
coating temperature < 80 °C
Coating material: copper,
film thickness up to 2 µm*,
film resistance < 15 mOhm,
coating temperature < 110 °C
Gold coatingHigh infrared reflexion (gold),
film thickness max. 300 nm*,
very good film thickness/distribution reproduction,
adhesion enhancement through Cr seeding,
max. part length 800 mm
SiO coatingTransparent film with a thickness of 10 ... 50 nm*,
wettable, hydrophilic,
optical characteristic <= 30 nm colourless, with a slightly reduced reflexion of the Al film,
passes temperature change test (Al + SiO)
Special coatingsFeasible, such as chromium, stainless steel, etc.

*) all given film thicknesses are standard values for one-side coating