In order to offer you suitable coatings for your products, VTD offers sampling services. Many factors influence the quality of the coating result, such as: substrate material, part size & geometry and the surface quality.

The following checklist will help to summarize these and more information about your parts to be sampled. You can use this for your inquiry and send it to us. Alternatively, please have the information available for inquiry when contacting us.


Overview of coatings and metallization

A selection of viable coatings:

Aluminum coating
  • reflectance ≥ 88% with lambda = 550 mm
  • good adhesion, especially on plastic
  • uniform coating thickness distribution
  • achievable coating thicknesses 50 ... 300 nm *
  • temperature load ≤ 60 ° C
Aluminum coating + SiOx protection layer
  • good corrosion resistance of Al coating
  • slightly improved mechanical wear protection
  • climate-friendly according to DIN 50017 and DIN 50018
  • passes the NaOH test
Decorative aluminum coating
  • coating structure consists of base coat, approx. 50 ... 100 nm aluminum and a top coating (painting not possible!)
  • anthracite-colored coating
  • coating thickness max. 300 nm
  • high infrared reflection (gold)
  • coating thickness max. 300 nm *
  • very good reproduction of the coating thickness / distribution
  • improved adhesion through Cr seed layer
SiOx- Coating
  • transparent coating thickness 10 ... 50 nm *
  • wettability, hydrophilic
  • optical property <= 30 nm colorless, with slightly reduced reflection of the Al coating
  • passes temperature change test (Al + SiO)
Special coatings (customized coating)
  • on request e.g. for chrome, stainless steel etc.

*) all specified coating thicknesses are standard values for one-sided coating

Coating overview, hard materials