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Hard material coating

Thanks to their specific characteristics, tools have since their invention made it easier for us to perform certain work.
These characteristics can be optimised to enhance the functionality and, thus the usage benefits of the tools concerned.
Hard material coatings which are increasingly produced in vacuum processes aim to achieve such optimisation.

VTD is developing application-related hard material coatings. Each coating task, each material has its own specific needs and requirements. The coating must meet these needs and requirements to be able to provide the anticipated technical and economical benefits.

The criteria for any surface modification are hardness, adhesion, viscosity, sliding properties, resistance to high processing temperatures and resistance against aggressive media.

In addition to a clearly extended service life of the tools (cost reduction), such requirements as dry processing (eco-friendliness), reduced reworking degree, reduction of auxiliary process times are the focus of attention.
An increase in productivity due to faster cutting or feed speeds as well a reduction in cycle times via the use of coated tools are essential.

Besides appearance, functionality too is gaining importance for decorative applications.
It is mainly the communication and automotive industries with their rapidly increasing design requirements that are responsible for this development.