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Every coating aims to change the surface characteristics which cannot be provided by the plain source material.
Condensation of gaseous particles on the body to be coated, i.e. physical vapour deposition PVD, is one thin film production process. The material to be deposited is transferred from the solid phase to the vapour phase by energy input before condensation.

The parts to be coated (substrates) are held in the exchangeable spindle carrier of the DREVA process chamber, for example. After having been finally cleaned and heated up by the hollow cathode plasma source, the substrates are rotated several times whilst simultaneously passing the coating sources.

The film thickness of the hard material coating which is produced through condensation can be chosen within a range of a few nanometres to 10 micrometres.
This ensures the dimensional accuracy of the tools or parts to be coated.

VTD employs the following evaporation and plasma sources in the plants of the DREVA series:
  • Hollow cathode plasma sources
  • Vacuum-arc evaporation sources
  • Magnetron sputter sources