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Hard material coating - technology


Decorative hard material coatings
Tribological coatings
Wear protection coatings

Functional hard material coatings

Decorative hard material coatings

Enhancing the visual appearance of parts is not the only aim of decorative coatings.
Furthermore, they mostly aim at meeting increased requirements on surface characteristics.
This is particularly true of the field of classical decorative colours such as TiN, ZrN for coating sanitary appliances or door handles.

The variety of new design parts in the communications and automotive industries encourages the trend for new colours which cannot be realised through classical PVD.
VTD offers these completely new and unique colour systems.
All of these colours are based on PVD and are thus environmentally compatible. They can be chosen in an unbelievably wide range of shades and characteristics.
Thanks to low process temperatures, plastics can also be coated as well as parts made of glass, ceramics and metal.

VTD also develops technologies for special applications on a customer's request, who is then the exclusive beneficiary.

Typical decorative hard material coatings:
  • Nitride coatings: TiN, CrN, TiAlN, ZrN, NbN
  • Carbide coatings: TiC, ZrC
  • Carbonitride coatings: : TiCN, CrCN, TiAlCN, ZrCN
The colour spectrum ranges from golden yellow through to charcoal and dark blue violet.


Functional hard material coatings

Some typical functional hard material coatings and their characteristics:

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Tribological coatings

VTD hard material coating plants can also be equipped with a laser arc module (LAM) as an option.

The coating material is evaporated from a rotating, cylinder-shaped carbon target by means of the laser-controlled ignition of the vacuum arc in the so-called laser arc process.
This allows the production of a new generation of DLC coatings, the hydrogen-free ta-C coatings. Their hardness is increased by the factor 2 to 3 (4000 - 5000 HV) and their wear resistance is higher than that of classical DLC coatings both under lubricated and non-lubricated conditions of use.

The DREVA series of systems allows the deposition of a variety of other coating systems even on special substrates.

Tribological coatings Tribological coatings 2

Wear protection coatings

Hard material coatings as protection coatings are deposited to reduce:
  • Abrasion wear
  • Adhesion wear
  • Physical-chemical wear
  • Cavitation wear
  • Friction wear
Examples of fields where hard material coatings are successfully used as a wear protection:
  • Metal-cutting tools, forming and punching tools
  • Tools for plastics processing, die casting, textile and glass processing
  • Structural parts and components in both general mechanical engineering and vehicle construction
  • Drive technology, process engineering, fluid technology, measuring and testing technology
  • Medical engineering
Wear protection coatings