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Hard material coating - requirements

The processing temperature is the prime criteria when deciding the application for which a PVD hard material coating is the more advantageous choice.

The following materials can be coated in a vacuum without difficulty:
  • Super-speed steel and
  • Certain chromium steels including the powder-metallurgical ones
Furthermore, a hard material coating can also be deposited on plastic and glass under certain conditions.

The surface condition and the properties of the substrate material are crucial for a homogeneous coating. All functional surfaces should be blank metal and all edges smooth. The geometry of the parts to be coated is important too. Hollow parts can only be coated to a limited depth via the PVD process.
The coating temperature is usually between around 200 and 500 °C: i.e. only parts with a corresponding thermal stability can be coated.

Hard material coatings are used successfully for the following applications:
  • Metal-cutting tools, forming and punching tools
  • Tools for plastics processing, die casting, textile and glass processing
  • Structural parts and components in both general mechanical engineering and vehicle construction
  • Drive technology, process engineering, measuring and testing technology
  • Medical engineering
  • Decorative applications