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Optical coating - technology

VTD has a number of technologies for coating different components. This available experience allows us to open up new fields of application or adapt existing technologies to special tasks and design the appropriate technical solutions, i.e. the actual high-vacuum deposition system and its equipment.

VTD thus offers a one-stop service comprising:
  • Technologies adapted to the user's special requirements
  • Coating equipment
  • Peripheral devices such as ultra-sonic cleaning, logistic facilities, measuring and analysing instruments
  • In-depth training for users both on VTD's premises and at the user's site
  • Qualified service during the equipment's entire service life
The following table provides an overview of our activities.

Mirror coatings based on metal
(e.g. Al, Ag, Au, Rt, Cu, Rd)
Astronomic reflectors, photo-optics, backside, planar and hollow mirrors, metallic beam splitters
Reflexion coatings on base metal, highly-reflective through superimposed interference coating systemAstronomic reflectors, photo-optics, backside, planar and hollow mirrors
Single and wide band coatings in the visible, near UV or IR rangeOptical lenses, prisms, interference beam splitters
Interference coating systems with a high efficiency for spectral-selective reflexion or transmissionUV reflectors, laser reflectors, cold-light reflectors, OP lamps, filters, absorbing coating systems
Interference coating systems based on ion-assisted depositionLong-term stable coating systems in optics and electronics also on selected materials critical in terms of coating such as plastics

The available technologies allow a high reproducibility of the coating characteristics and thus a consistent coating quality over a long period.