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Optical coating - requirements

The most diverse applications are imaginable where components receive optical characteristics or existing characteristics are greatly enhanced through coating.

Which basic requirements do the components have to meet to be suitable for coating?
  • Coating is performed in a high vacuum. The component's material or pre-assembly state should thus guarantee very low outgassing (gas, water vapour).

  • In addition to optical parameters, the adhesion of the coating systems on the component is crucial. A number of influences have to be taken into account. In case of doubt, detailed technological tests should thus be performed in advance as a first step. This mainly applies to plastic materials.

  • The surface's atomic cleanliness and its activation are decisive for coating adhesion. Wet cleaning with chemicals is thus usually the first step which is followed by several preliminary pre-treatment steps in a vacuum such as glowing, heating, ion or plasma action. The components should be suitable for these treatments.