Hard Coating

Hard coatings are indispensable on countless products of our everyday life and industry. With their wide range of mechanical properties, they make it possible to effectively increase the quality of surfaces. The possibility of depositing colored hard coatings further extends their fields of application.

VTD develops and produces coating systems for the deposition of customer-specific hard coatings. We enable our customers to establish unique selling points in the market through the adaptation of the hard coating to the application and substrate material. The customer-specific coating technologies are implemented on standard series (DREVA) and are therefore of particular economic interest.

The technical criteria for any wear surface are hardness, adhesion, toughness, sliding properties, resistance to high processing temperatures and resistance to aggressive media.

The classic fields of application for hard coatings are cutting, stamping and forming tools. In addition to the significantly longer tool lifetime with cost reductions, there are requirements such as dry machining to conserve resources. Ultimately, the decisive factor is the substantial gain of productivity by increasing the cutting speed, feed or reducing cycle times through coated tools.

Decorative hard coatings have a noble metallic design and are also very resistant. Areas of application are wear surfaces of everyday objects such as doorknobs, plumbing fixtures and electronic products e.g. smartphones and laptops.